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Building a Life of Worship

June 5, 2016 Series1


May 29, 2016 Series1

Directionally Challenged

May 24, 2016 Series1

God's Plan For Your Family

May 15, 2016 Series1

More Than Meets the Eye

May 8, 2016 Series1

Living Beyond Our Circumstances

April 10, 2016 Series1

Personal Renovation

March 20, 2016 Series1

Too Good to be True

March 13, 2016 Series1

Unshakable Faith

March 6, 2016 Series1

Effective Investment

February 28, 2016 Series1

The Second Mile

January 24, 2016 Series1

Know Temptation No Sin

January 17, 2016 Series1

Healthy Relationships

January 3, 2016 Series1

Steps to Success

November 15, 2015 Featured

Trusting God

November 1, 2015 Series1

Grace Builders

October 25, 2015 Series1

No Other Way

September 27, 2015 Series1

Your Heart Is Not Enough

August 16, 2015 Series1

Warning Signs

August 9, 2015 Series1

The Kind Of Church We All Need

July 19, 2015 Featured

Adjusting To God's Lead

June 28, 2015 Featured

Preparing For The End Of The World

March 15, 2015 Featured

Authentic Faith

March 8, 2015 Featured

Forgiveness Required

February 22, 2015 Featured

The Antidote For Worry

February 22, 2015 Series1

Cultivating a Powerful Prayer Life

February 15, 2015 Featured

Love in Action

February 8, 2015 Featured

The Faithful Christian Life

February 1, 2015 Series1

Overcoming Temptation

January 11, 2015 WaysideMedia

Express Yourself God's Way

December 7, 2014 God

Thank You Lord

November 23, 2014 Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving Meal

November 16, 2014 WaysideMedia

A Heart Like The Father's

November 9, 2014 Series1

America's Greatest Need

September 28, 2014 Series1

Live Services

July 20, 2014 Featured

Who's Driving Your Life?

July 20, 2014

Living Under The Influence

July 6, 2014 The Holy Spirit

Dealing With Difficult People (Part 2)

June 1, 2014

WaysideLive Because He Knows the Plans He Has for Your Life

January 19, 2014 Mark

When You Get to See Godís Hand

January 12, 2014 Mark

Joseph Chose to Trust God for the Impossible

December 8, 2013 Christmas Series

She Chose to Trust God from the Impossible

December 1, 2013 Christmas Series

The Posture God Loves

November 10, 2013 Mark

Battling the Judas Disease

September 15, 2013 Mark


September 8, 2013 Fear

High Privilege, High Calling

May 12, 2013 Mother's Day

What Does The New Testament Say About Giving?

May 5, 2013 Tithe

Who's a Leper (Mark 1:40)

April 21, 2013 Mark

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